FATE Cherie Blair Foundation Program for Women Entrepreneurs

FATE Foundation Cherie Blair Foundation Program For Women Entrepreneurs

FATE Cherie Blair Foundation Program For Women Entrepreneurs – FATE Foundation in partnership with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, is pleased to announce the launch of the Road to Growth Programme 2023 for women entrepreneurs leading a business in Oyo and Ogun State who want to Experience Increased Confidence and Capacity in Business.

The program is funded by the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and other partners. Road to Growth equips women entrepreneurs in low and middle-income countries with business skills, financial literacy, networks, and confidence so they can achieve business growth.

The program aims to support 100 women Entrepreneurs running businesses in Oyo and Ogun States to break through barriers and support them to succeed.

Eligibility Criteria

Women entrepreneurs who:

  1. Own at least 50% of the business in Nigeria
  2. Have a business that has generated profit for at least 2 years.
  3. Have 3-49 employees
  4. Have basic computer literacy
  5. Are able to read and write English
  6. Have a strong desire and commitment to grow their business (es)
  7. Have had no previous access to loans and have a need for additional investment. 

Additional Post Program Benefits:

  • Enterprise Training and Capacity Building.
  • Growth and Advisory Support.
  • Financial Literacy.
  • Access to Free Business Support Tools and Networks.
  • Membership in FATE Alumni Network.

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum is designed to offer an all-inclusive set of courses that address all the key tools needed to grow and run an effective business. At the end of the training, participants will gain the necessary Knowledge, skills, attitudes, and confidence to grow their businesses and apply for relevant financial services.

The Curriculum is intensive and includes the following key learning objectives:

What are business operational objectives

  • Key components of a business Growth Plan.
  • Market segmentation and market analysis
  • Key considerations in forecasting sales
  • Factors that affect the cash flow of a business.
  • What are financial statements and their importance
  • The different types of financial services that may be relevant, when to consider borrowing, and what the application process consists of how financial institutions analyze a business’s financial statements

Course Structure

The Road to Growth program is a 7 7-week hybrid Programme, that will take place 8-10 hours per week on the Learning Management System (LMS), Virtual Class sessions, WhatsApp Group sessions, and In-person sessions, using innovative classroom management tools.

Lectures will be delivered in modules that afford participants the flexibility of time to run their businesses, while they participate in the program. The core part of the program will include the following modules:

  • Connections (Intro to Road to Growth)
  • Context (Knowing Your Market)
  • Communication (Digital Marketing)
  • Capacity (Knowing Your Business)
  • Capital (About Financing)
  • Character (Financial Relationships)
  • Confidence (Applying for Financing)

As the classes progress, participants will develop their growth plans and make immediate improvements in their
respective businesses where necessary.

How To Apply for 

FATE Cherie Blair Foundation Program For Women Entrepreneurs. 

Visit this link below:

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