How To Get FUTA Postgraduate E-Transcript

How To Get FUTA Postgraduate E-Transcript

How To Get FUTA Postgraduate E-Transcript Application Portal – FUTA graduates can now process their academic transcripts online. The requirement for you to be physically present at school has passed. This means you can process and request your transcript whenever it is convenient for you.

  • If you are a new applicant, please click on “Transcript Application” to register your information. You will receive confirmation on your phone and email address.
  • Use your newly acquired username and password to Login.
  • If you are a returning applicant, supply your already registered username and password and Click Login.
  • Fill the forms accordingly and submit Note that you can request for Student Copy along with the Original Copy but it is optional.
  • At the Payment Page, you can pay Online via Card or Bank outlet/branch.
  • When payment is made via BANK OUTLET/BRANCH, you need to login again to your account and confirm the bank payment and it must be successful
  • BEFORE YOUR APPLICATION PROCESS IS COMPLETED Successful payment made via card is automatically CONFIRMED.
  • Please note that application that its payment is not successful will NOT BE TREATED

FUTA Postgraduate E-Transcript Application Portal

The Federal University Of Akure’s postgraduate E-Transcript application portal is  to visit and apply for your transcript.

FUTA Transcripts Cost

The amount you must pay varies depending on the country to which you choose to ship it.

  • Within Nigeria – N5000
  • Outside Nigeria – N15,000 (Coverage; US, UK, EU, and Canada)
  • Outside Nigeria – N20,000 (Coverage: Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, South Africa, Malaysia, and far East Countries)
  • Student Copy – N1,000

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