Safara’u (Safaa) Mr 442 – “Tabara”

Safara'u Kwana Casa'in Waka mune kyau, Safaa Ft. Mr 442 Tabara

Safaa Mr 442 – Tabara Mp3

After the success of their previous song which tagged as “Basu Wuta” This time around the language has changed, the popular actress Safara’u Kwana Casa’in daughter to Bashir Na Yahya in the series film of Kwana Casa’in. The TV series show of Arewa24 after she was dismissed from  the movie Safara’u started her music career immediately. Under the record label named (Dream Chasers Record) Safarau Mr 442 Tabara

After, she reveals that she’s no more acting on Kannywood again. That makes people and fam within the industry and outside the northern films industry, talking about the matter some are asking why she left the TV shows, Safaa. Who popularly known as Safara’u Kwana Casa’in changed her Instagram account name from Safara’u Kwana Casa’in to Safara’u Yuusuf. The new single heading was Safaa Mr 442 – Tabara

Moreover, after few weeks Safara’u Yuusuf started anticipating her first collaboration with Mr 442 the Zarians stubborn 442. The song was produced by the multi-talented producer Amude Booth and they tagged the audio as (Tabara) Her stage name kicked off with Safaa. Safarau Mr 442 Tabara

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