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Roles of Women in the Society

 roles of Women In The Society

Women In The Society; How They Are Not Treated Equal With Men.

Women are our mothers and fathers alltogether, but they are not being respected and given equal rights in the society. Most atimes women are being downgraded and casted due to some certain circumstances, and are not giving equal rights to men in the society.

For example, in the family women are considered as weakling and just entittled to the kitchen and to take care of the family, In the nothern part of Nigeria mostly women are bond to just stay at home and do house chores and they are not given the right to work in the office or any other company and organisation.

Women in our society nowadays have no rights to some certain things and they are hell bond to do stuffs they are not even interested in nor want to do, they are just considered powerless and fragile and are regarded as non important to the community rather that housewives. It breaks my heart to see how women are being vastly regarded as a weakling.

Advantages Of Women In The Society

1. Women are our home builders, they highly contribute to the development of the house hold and ensure peace to substain.

2. Women ensure that her home is violence free and her family never lacks.

3. A woman contribute immensely in economic and financial aspect, a good wonan will not spend recklessly rather she will try to invest herself.

Disadvantages Of Not Treating Women Equal In The Society.

1. It makes a woman lose her inspirations and and desires upon her dreams, because she cannot fullfil them.

2. A woman will never feel the passion of being a role model to anyone because she will feel casted.

3. A woman will not have the right to choose what she wants and what she wants to do.

With that women feel they have no value in the society, not knowing with a womans skills she can create something new that thousands of men can do, luckily she might acquire a skill no one has and can contribute to any developmental facts.

Most times Women are considered slaves at home because she has no right to herself so shes under the control of her superior. If shes under her parent shes under the control of her father, likewise if shes married she’d be under her husbands control too.

In our societies now, we hardly find a woman as a political aspirant, or a teacher or in any other skills aquititions. I believe women should be given the right to pertake in whats going on and should be given the priviledge to come out and speak their voices out.

Both men and women do share same rights but with the mentality of our society we totally forget, rather we press them beneath us, with that formula the girl child education is being tanished, her future basically depends on the say of the man.

Importance Of Women In The Society.

1. Women add value to both the society at large and the family.
2. They are considered they’re childrens role models.
3. They are our stand points, guide, lead and protected.
4. A family without a woman will surely be seen falling down, because women are the main subordinate of a house hold.

Basically, we all have to quit this trend of women are beneath the men and can not be equal to the men. Because that alone is the main cause of downfall in our society, because without the women not even a single man can stand firm today.

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