Ado Gwanja – Lu’wai

Ado gwanja luwai, sabuwar wakar ado Gwanja 2023

Ado Gwanja Luwai – Top among the Hausa makosa singers Ado Isah Gwanja, an actor also a singer. He’s multi-talented and expert, when it comes to music. Ado Gwanja always follows trends. He is the best most rated singer in the late year, mid year to December. Gwanja recorded two hits which trends and streamed over 2 million every single track. First track among the two top trends was title as WARR in some tribes like Fulani Warr simply means (Come) while some are describing the word as a street word with no meaning. Despite the fact about the word, Warr was payed on YouTube over 2.3M and the video get almost 3.5M views.


That’s another move to the singer as far as Kannywood Industry is concerned. After the success of Warr audio and the video, Gwanja dubbed another song which is Chass the audio Chass was steamed on YouTube over 3.7M people around the world. To make it clear Chass has many success and it is bright enough for him. Those songs makes Nigerias over comments about the Ado’s experiences. This 2023 the singer decide to pin another banger which may pass or better than his previous songs. Ado Gwanja tagged his new song with Lu’wai. First project of the year by Ado Isah Gwanja. His previous and trend Album was Kujera which released on 2017.Sabuwar waqar Ado Gwanja 2023 Luwai.


Ado Gwanja – Luwai

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