Bodyguard Episode 1 Season 1 (Download)

Bodyguard Episode 1 Season 1 Full movie full film sabon shiri bodygat
Bodyguard Episode 1 Season 1 Full movie by Sultan. Nigeria movie industry Abduprazaq Film Factory, fast rising industry in Kannywood and Abubakar Maishadda Global Resources. Present a new Hausa Movie (Bodyguard) . Kannywood is a term used to refer to the film industry based in the city of Kano in northern Nigeria. It is part of the larger Nigerian film industry, commonly known as Nollywood, but is focused specifically on producing films in the Hausa language, which is widely spoken in northern Nigeria and other parts of West Africa. “Success speaks for itself one man army”

Kannywood films typically explore themes and issues that are important to Hausa culture, such as family values, social norms, and religious beliefs. They often feature local actors, singers, and musicians, and are known for their colorful costumes, music, and dance.

The Kannywood film industry has grown significantly over the past two decades, with the production of hundreds of films each year. Many of these films are low-budget productions, but some have achieved critical and commercial success both in Nigeria and internationally.

Despite its popularity, Kannywood has faced some controversy in recent years, with some critics accusing it of promoting immorality and violating Islamic values. As a result, the industry has faced increased scrutiny from religious leaders and government officials, and some films have been banned from public screening. Nonetheless, Kannywood continues to be an important part of Nigerian cinema and a significant contributor to the country’s cultural heritage.

This movie “Bodyguard” included more actors of Kannywood Industry, such as Adam A Zango, Shuaibu Lawan Kumurci, Daddy Adam Hikima, Sultan Abdulrazaqq, Auwal Isah West, Tijjani Asase, but the movie was under Abubakar Maishadda Global Resources.

What’s bodyguard’s all about? “Bodyguard” is a term used to refer to a person or group of people who are hired to protect and safeguard another individual or group. The job of a bodyguard typically involves assessing potential security threats, creating security plans, and providing physical protection to their client.

Bodyguards may work for individuals such as celebrities, politicians, or high-profile business executives, as well as for groups such as a corporation or a government agency. They may be responsible for ensuring the safety of their clients in a variety of settings, including public events, while traveling, or at their homes or workplaces.

The role of a bodyguard can vary depending on the needs of their client, but they may be trained in skills such as close protection, surveillance, defensive driving, and firearms handling. They may also work in conjunction with other security personnel, such as event security or law enforcement, to provide comprehensive protection for their client.

Overall, the primary goal of a bodyguard is to ensure the safety and security of their client, and to prevent any harm or danger from coming their way.

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