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Full Biography Of Jay Dezyner (Name & Achievements) Najeb Abba Umar who popularly known as Jay Dezyner , he is a Nigerian singer based in Kano State. (Northern part of the country). His bio is pretty intriguing — here is how it starts off:

Jay DNL–  Najeb Abba Umar, was born in Kano State, Nigeria.  Singer, Songwriter also Graphic designer. Who is blessed with synesthesia, a unique condition where when one sense is activated, another kicks in at the same time. When he hears music, he sees colors and shapes.


Born to a journalism’s family, his father was an Actor who had later switched to journalism work, and jingle writes (Abba Umar Ringim) also his brother was a singer and television representer Aminu Abba Umar  (Nomiis Gee). While he was clearly influenced by his brother’s genre tastes, including artists like Ycee, “wizkid” Classiq and Kendrick Lamar , Jay’s brother {nomiis gee} imparted his obsession with 90’s pop music as well.


Jay had started writing songs at 17 and soon realized that his natural facility for languages translated to singing songs not only in English and his native Hausa, but also in Pidgin, and street metaphors.
He, attended Government Unity secondary school Ringim for his secondary school certificate, where he graduated in the year 2018. And later went to Jigawa state polytechnic Dutse where he graduated in the year 2021 , and still now on further education.

If you’re like me, you’ve never heard of synesthesia before. In fact, you might be wondering if it’s a real thing or whether it’s a made-up syndrome.

It is, however, a real neurological condition, and it causes people to experience two senses from one stimulating cause at the same time. You might see something instead of just hearing or smelling it; in Jay’s case, he sees colors and shapes when he hears music.

It’s not a very common condition, but it’s pretty interesting. In the case of Jay, his bio points to it as a blessing and a strength. It makes him more creative and artistic and sets her apart from other singers and songwriters, almost all of which do not experience music the same way he does.

It also explains how he was exposed to music at a young age, with both his father and his brother being industrial artists and professionals (that’s his background). Pointing out that he can sing songs in various languages other than his native language shows how talented he is as well.

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