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How to change your BVN Details Birth, Date

How to change your BVN Details Good news, as you know many people are having problems with their bank verification number (BVN) for example name, date of birth (D.O.B) may be there’s a little mistake or selling errors on that provide information.

Here we have some small steps that you can follow, to make sure your birthday and names are correct and changed successfully. If we want to make everything clear or we wanted to change our personal information, using mobile phones. Yes we can do it our selves without visiting any other bank branch.

Some people don’t like to go banks and keep waiting for the long queue. Due to bunch of customers around fixing issues, deposits and withdrawal queue. And many of us has small problems with the information provided on our BVN so we need to fix it for ourselves.

This is how to do it with your phone at home.

Without wasting transportation fees or more stress to your selves, it’s few steps. You about to follow to set everything. This method of BVN correct is working via email address. I recommend you to use Google Mail to make any changes you have to send a request through their email address provided below.


With prove identity showing you are the owner and which BVN you are referring to. It contains BVN, NIN which is National Identity Number with your permanent voter’s card.

For example you want to change your date of birth. This is how you can do it.

Open your Gmail app, go to send emails and state your messages like this.

SUBJECT: I want To Change My BVN Date Of Birth

Then on the email message wrote it like this. Hello, I am having an issue with my date of birth because it’s not the same with my certificate of birth, i found the correct one with me i want you to help me change it.

Here is my details.

BVN Enrolled: Your BVN Number
First Name: Your Name
Last Name: Surname
Old Date of Birth: Current Date Of Birth
New Date of Birth: The new DOB
Phone number: Mobile number

Is this details are done, just send to their email address.


This is a simple way to change your BVN Details with your self, you can do the same process if you want to change your mobile number or name.

Note: All your information (name) most be the same with National Identity Number, BVN and the voter’s card more important part your most go to court for your DOB affidavit, then snap and send together with the NIN, Voter’s Card, And BVN.

Congratulations it will be charge within 24 hours, if the problem wasn’t resolved i advise you to visit the bank for complain maybe is a critical issue.

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