Morado Sharafa – This Year

Morado Sharafa This Year
DM Empire present, a new of Morado Sharafa “This Year”. With his new song of the year, and DM decided to resume his music career on this fresh year of 2023. Late year he released some couple of songs, My woman after some collaboration he sang. My woman was the best song and most listened song of Morado last year. Not he also social media the up coming projet. This song was tagged as This Year. What that mean? Does the title match the situation? Not bad check this sound to know the real story or meaning of the song. Morado also provided the song lyrics, to make the story clear.

Morado Sharafa This Year Lyrics;

When I see, when I call
When I pray, swore way we do
Back are days
Last year come very hard for us ooo
Then I know ,then I pray
Baba God badura Omo re
Sanu mi
I know my people die an slow
I no want die slow I Rose up
Just to look the day out of the sun

This year ooo this year ooo
I want pull up to my boys
This year ooo this year ooo
Odunmi oo asaye …

(Verse 2)
Masuka matuka san malo Omo lo ogog aa. Ma..beru this year oo .
this year oo odun asaye
No time for heater
No time for bad..Bala
No time for devil
Tell then say
the boy then go very far oo
Mo ti ol till next year
Sagoluke o tidi
Alaroka albosa pekari ooo
MORADO don go
Tell my anime bye bye bye

This year ooo this year oo
I want pull up to my boys
This year ooo this year oo

Odunmi oo asaye …

Odun egbaga , odun asaye
Ma kolo oo ma ro oko mo oko
Ma deba this year

This Year

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