Nasty YMK – Jam Baki

Nasty YMK jam baki

Nasty YMK – Jam Baki

Nasty YMK who’s working under the record of Arewa Natural Entertainment, he dropped a new banger which title “Jam Baki” after the success of his previous work “Kun San Meh” Mr. YMK recently drop a hit with Mr shams which titled (Dawo) is a brokenheart song as he requested his girlfriend to comeback.

Nasty planned to release something sweet and perfect guess what? his ongoing video series, he’s on episode 7 which he used to release every Friday but now it’s every month or either.

However, on 2017 he released an album which tag has “Sabon Salo” while on 2018 he dropped “ZallanTa The Album” after that nasty ymk had a big collaboration with many Gcity artists “Anahaka” featuring Zeerah, Mozay Kawaiba Sk Soja and lots more.

The song is available on his YouTube channel and also available on this platform when it’s come to production Nasty was a real and perfect producer. This was his latest song for now.

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