NYSC WhatsApp Group Link 2023 Batch B

NYSC WhatsApp Group Link 2023 Batch B

NYSC WhatsApp Group Link 2023 Batch B

Are you a prospective or current NYSC member looking to connect with fellow corps members? Share information, and stay updated throughout your service year, joining an NYSC WhatsApp group can be a valuable resource. By joining an NYSC WhatsApp Group, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and information. Members actively share insights, tips, and advice on various aspects of the NYSC program, including orientation camp, primary assignment, community development service, and other essential areas.

The group Admin regularly share news, announcements, and important updates related to NYSC policies, deadlines, and events. Whether it’s the latest information on clearance processes or upcoming camp activities, you can rely on the group to provide real-time updates and help you stay ahead.

It’s important to note that joining an NYSC WhatsApp Group is not just about consuming information; it’s also an opportunity to contribute and make a difference.

How to join NYSC WhatsApp group

Click Here to join the NYSC WhatsApp group.

If you are aspiring to serve in NYSC, check the following updates:

Before you join NYSC WhatsApp group, it’s very important to go through the group’s rules.

NYSC WhatsApp Group Rules

Below are the NYSC WhatsApp group rules which were rolled out to ensure peace and order;

  • Do not spam the group with links and phone numbers
  • We don’t allow members to post adverts in the group by themselves
    No hate speech or bullying
  • Do not post pornographic contents in the group
  • Trust the group Admin and be free to ask him/her questions
  • The group is filled with prospective corps members like you, so get connected with them
  • Do not chat with other members in the group. Personal chat should be done privately
  • As a graduate, be mature and mindful of what you post
  • Do not post any thing that is not related to NYSC
  • Admin shall remove anyone who goes contrary to the group’s rules
  • Admin has RIGHT to change group settings to “Only admins” (restrict other members to post)
  • Our WhatsApp group is strictly for Prospective corps members (PCMs). If you are not a PCM, please DON’T join the group.

WARNING: Joining NYSC WhatsApp group using the link provided above means you have agreed to all the rules stated above.

NYSC Telegram Group link

There is also a telegram group for NYSC Batch A, B and C. It is a group you can join to get latest NYSC updates, while interacting with fellow Prospective corps members.

To join NYSC Telegram group, Click Here.

Official NYSC Facebook Group and page
NYSC Telegram Channel
Another interesting you would like to hear about is NYSC Telegram channel. NYSC Telegram Channel is a platform where NYSC news and latest updates about service year are regularly posted. If you are on Telegram, kindly join NYSC Telegram channel by clicking here.

If you have any question or need help, feel free to tell us in the comments section of this page below


NYSC WhatsApp Groups serve as virtual communities where corps members can connect, learn, and collaborate. From valuable insights to real-time updates
and networking opportunities, these groups play a significant role in enhancing the NYSC experience. So, if
you’re ready to embark on your NYSC journey and make the most out of it, joining an NYSC WhatsApp Group should be on your to-do list! NYSC WhatsApp Group Link 2023 Batch B

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