Summary Of NASIMS Interactive Session With Npower Batch C Beneficiaries

Summary Of NASIMS Interactive Session With Npower Batch C Beneficiaries

Summary Of NASIMS Interactive Session With Npower Batch C Beneficiaries – Nasims has provided a summary of the interactive session with Npower C beneficiaries that took place on Monday, July 10th, 2023.

According to Nasims, the majority of the questions asked by beneficiaries during the recently finished event “Half Hour With Npower C Beneficiaries” focused on:

1) The position and fate of C1 beneficiaries in the Npower program.

2) The payment/program continuation.

3)Payment date for the number of months owed (Outstanding payments)

4) The fate of all unpaid Npower C1 beneficiaries for September, October and November stipends respectively.

5) The position of Batch C Beneficiaries who received a Pre-selection Message.

6)Who should have their accounts validated?

Nasims Responses To the Questions Asked above Were as follows:

1) Please note that, Npower C1 program has officially ended long ago (August, 2022). The additional payment received for September, October and November
respectively by C1 beneficiaries was Nexit package, which was considered worthwhile by H.M. Sadiya Umar Faroug
out of her magnanimous nature.

2) However, Npower program continuation is totally at Mr President’s discretion. We are yet to confirm the status of the Npower program, consequentially, we can’t give a definite answer to number two question. Also, Payments continuation are dependent of Mr President’s approval.

3) Payment date for the months owed is also unknown, holding the fact that fund for the payments are yet to be approved by the new administration. Therefore payment date still remain unknown and will definitely be initiated upon approval.

4) For the C1 beneficiaries yet to receive their additional payment for September, October and November respectively (Nexit Package) will definitely get their payments once funds are approved and made available to us.

5) Pre-Selected beneficiaries are supplementary of C2. These Beneficiaries should adhere strictly to the instructions contained in the massage received and then wait for further directives.

6) We sent Account validation link strictly to those C2 beneficiaries whose account details weren’t correctly  captured in our payroll and database. However, C1 beneficiaries who are having payment issues can also utilize this opportunity.

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