Uses of Technology in Teaching and Learning

Uses Of Technology In Teaching And Learning. I

Uses of Technology in Teaching and Learning & ways on how to improve Learning and Teaching with Technology.

Technology is a very vast mode of learning in the society now, with the telecoms learning can be much easy and much more advanced. Basically, the E learning classes help to teach better and faster.

Advantages Of Technology In Teaching And Learning.

1. It motivates both the learner and the tutor, both of them will have the zeal and inspirations to acquire more knowledge and it helps to give the learner more vital moral support.

2. Makes tracks of Exams and test to be traced adequately, it also can be a mode to which both tutors can trace when dey have classes with the students and it goes same way with the learner’s they can track the they have class, traces of assignments, test and exams.

3. Technology nowadays has brought easy ways to use educational instructional materials with the use of the projector, the teacher can show his or her learner so many instructional materials.

Subsequently, learning and teaching with the technology nowadays has really brought a better mode of studying and has helped in various ways, such that a teacher doesn’t have to mark test, assignment or exams manually but with the E test and exams it can be done with the modern technology.

Ways On How To Improve Learning And Teaching With Technology.

1. Not withstanding the Government has a huge role to play here, only with the government assistance can there be accelerate to our modern technology learning and teaching, by improvising schools with enough essential technologies needed for learning.

2. Teachers should make good use of these technologies to teach students with mutual understanding because in most cases the teachers have those basic materials to teach but they neglect and ignore them by not using them to teach.

3. Parents should at least try to provide their children with modern technology gadgets e.g the mobiles android phones, IPod’s, Laptops etc. So, their children can learn more thing by accessing the internet with their gadgets.

With the help of the technology, there will be a very vast nations in the world, not only can we use the technology now to learn also we can connect with our family and friends from different destinations across the world.

Uses Of Technology In Teaching And Learning.

1. Technology can be Used to make our paper works much easier and faster.

2. It can make us learn various ways on how to live with one another.

3. It helps us connect to each other Via our Social medias.

4. Technology makes it way easier to learn ahead of your teacher.

5. It keeps us lively with entertainments and keeps us updated with news around the world.

Disadvantages Of Technology In Teaching And Learning.

1. Without the technology the world would have been a darker place for us to live, and electronic wouldn’t have been discovered.

2. Learning and Teaching would have be tough and we wouldn’t have acquired some knowledge we do now.
3. Meeting up with our friends and family would have been tough because mode of communication’s would have been exile.

4. New trends wouldn’t have been discovered without the modern technology.

To top it all, Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning is very essential because with it only can we have betterment in our community and nation at large. With the technology we can conquer all forms of information’s from various destination’s and acquire even more information’s that needs to be taught out to humanity. Therefore Learning and Teaching can only be progressive and vast with the use of technology.

That’s the Uses Of Technology In Teaching And Learning.

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