What is Knowledge and it Approaches

What is Knowledge and it Approaches What is Knowledge? & How To Approach Knowledge. 1. Authoritarian Approach, 2. Mystical Approach, 3. Scientific Approach best ways to acqure..

What is Knowledge and it is Approaches 

Knowledg[ez-toc]e can be decided or classified as what you wish to know, it can be scientific or non scientific. We can know ourselves, as well as nature that knowledge shall be pursued. But for it’s own purpose and for improving the human foundation they argue that knowledge is superior ignorance, doesn’t.

However mean that everything in nature can be known rather scientists assumed that we didn’t know. We do not know in the past we know then, now and courage. Knowledge may be reform (modified) in the future, in sciences true is always relative to the evidence the method and the theories employed, and is always open to modification scientific.

Knowledge threatens the always doing things, it is detrimental to stability and status-quo knowledge therefore, is regarded as true when it is found to be covered or correspond with basic reality.

How to Approach Knowledge 

When we lay claim to some knowledge that, knowledge most have been gained in a particular way. Generally there are some few ways i would be showing you on this article. Two to three (3) methods of knowing these involves steps or always we follow in order to propositions or to arrives at a condition.

  • Authoritarian Approach

It would be when you agreed something has been through because of someone in a position authoritative obligation you are therefore relying on authority for basis of knowledge relying on miracle of authorities. Relying on the wisdom of authorities is a quick easy and cheap way to learn something.

In fact authorities often spend time and effort to learn something and people benefit from the experience. This made people rely on the authorities that are governing them to get more and more knowledge. This is the kind of knowledge acquired from people described positions such as the Monarch, King, King and the rest.

  • Mystical Approach

In this process, truth seekers obtain knowledge from the method similar to first approach only that in this form people psychology are used by those who have power to convince people that this happening are ordained by Supreme-Being God or God’s and and the knowledge is obtained through the power of the supernatural such as prophets, diviners, Imams and Pastors.

This mode depends to a large extent the use of rituals and all ceremonial procedures. The confidence in the knowledge produced in this manner decreases as the number of refutations increases. As the educational level of societies advances or as one’s psychological stage improves. However with the development of human society from simple crude tradition to a complex modern, type and other methods developed.

  • Scientific Approach

Knowledge means that everyone has right to answer when confronted with questions. Scientists are mandated to share their thoughts, findings clearly and state the implications of their findings similarly, it is a most that scientists should describe their methods openly so that in can be openly followed step by step for any one to arrive the final conclusion on issues under the investigation.

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