Brief Biography Of – Dr Fresh


Biography of Dr Fresh

Full Biography Of – Dr Fresh

Dr Fresh whose real names are Bashir Ahmed Babaji is a Talented Nigerian Hausa Rapper, Graphics Design, And Photoshotot.

The Rapper was born (25nd of Feb 1995) in Gombe Road Bauchi Local Government Area of Bauchi State as the first child to his parents.

Dr Fresh did his primary education at Shekal primary school before proceeding to Government Day Secondary School Qofar Idi where he got his SSCE Certificate. Then Open Our Crew Sky Record Bauchi.

Dr Fresh

Video Shooting And Director.

Full Name: Bashir Ahmed Dr Freah

Age: 27 years old now

Year of of birth: 1995

Origin: Bauchi State

Profession: Songwriter/Artist/Stage Performer

Religion: Islam

Nationality: Nigeria

Dr Fresh Work On

Featuring Most Greates Artist In Nothren Such As

Rap Babah, DjSarki, 212, Daladawah

Artking Ghana Boy Jigsaw, Ang Other’s.

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