Safara’u – A Abuja Ft. Mr 442, Dan Maraya

New song Safara’u A Abuja Ft. Dan Maraya (Safaa A Abuja) 

New song Safarau A Abuja Ft. Dan Maraya (Safaa A Abuja)

The fast rising northern female rapper singer and also reggae, afropop singer. In fact the Multi-Talented actress Safaa (Safara’u) she’s back with another meaningful song on her own pattern, she previously joined Mr. 442’s movement on Dream Chasers Record. Safara’u was dismissed by Kannywood due to some reasons.

However, she kicked off with Kwalele feat. Maddox TBB and himself 442, and Inda Ass with Mr 442. Safaa gained more followers across the country Niger, Ghana and Cameroon after releasing of Inda Ass they’ve another hit produced by Amude Booth which titled as (Basu Wuta) due to that song of Inda Ass successes and listeners. Safara’u perform the song in Niger, Zinder.

This song was tagged as “A Abuja” (In Abuja) Mr 442 backed up the sound and the audio is with Dan Maraya. Who’s Unknown to this blog, we have zero of his record for now. In Abuja was the best.

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